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ViviOn, Cyclic Block Copolymers

GME Chemicals has introduced ViviOn, Cyclic Block Copolymers or in short CBC into Medical and Film Application. CBC offers remarkable properties like thermal stability, excellent UV durability, extra-high transparency, low density and superb purity. It is available in both rigid or flexible (elastomeric) form to cater to your design needs.

GME cooperation with Ergofito

GME is proud to be appointed as distributor for Ergofito in Southeast Asia. As part of our Sustainable Solutions initiative, we are excited to be able to introduce Ergofito’s unique solutions.

Ergofito’s products are made up of proprietary blends of bacteria and enzymes, tailored for tackling specific issues. These products are effective for pollution control for consumer, industrial as well as municipal segments, remediation of land for agriculture and aquaculture, improving the health of animals in farming – optimizing the yield in commercial operations, all without harm to the environment.